APPLICATIONS FOR 2022 are now open. 

Click here to download your application pack, which can be completed on a computer, or printed out and emailed back to us.

General Entrance Requirements

Prospective students must . . . .

  1. Have the required entrance qualifications as listed below
  2. Complete the application forms provided from the Institute (These can be downloaded above.)
  3. Have a recommendation from their pastor or church leadership.
  4. Provide two references.
  5. Be in good health, and, if required, produce a doctor’s certificate. Any health problems must be reported on the application form. No special diet can be arranged by the Institute for any reason except by doctor’s order where a student has a chronic problem, e.g. diabetic, etc.
  6. Be 18 years of age or older

Specific Entrance Requirements for the various programmes:

  • Higher Certificate in Theology:  Must have a National Senior Certificate
  • Diploma in Theology: Must have a National Senior Certificate with 40% or higher in four approved subjects.
  • Bachelor of Theology: Must have a National Senior Certificate with 50% or higher in four approved subjects.

Application Process
We are glad you are considering applying to Union Bible Institute! Applications from students of any denomination will be considered sympathetically, provided each one is suitably recommended as to Christian life and character and subscribes to the Statement of Doctrine outlined in the prospectus. New full-time students are enrolled only at the beginning of each year.

General Admission
The following items are needed by UBI to process your application.The necessary forms can be downloaded below as PDFs. These can be printed out or they can be filled in on a computer.
Click here for your application pack, which includes

  • Application form, which includes health questionnaire (filled out by yourself)
  • Fee confirmation letter (filled out by your sponsor(s)
  • Pastor Reference letter (to be completed by pastor and sent by them directly to us)
  • Character reference letters (2 to be completed by non-family members and sent by them directly to us).

To process your application, send these documents to UBI, along with:

  • Your application fee deposit proof of payment
  • A copy of your National Senior Certificate

You can pay your application fee in the following ways:

    1. Make a direct deposit into our account. Then email us proof of payment or post us a copy of the deposit slip.
    2. Pay the money to us when you come to UBI to hand in your application forms. Please do not send any money by post.



ACCOUNT NO: 05208-7964

Each of the items can be emailed to us:

Or they can be posted to us:

The Registrar
Union Bible Institute
PO Box 50
Hilton 3245