Susan Binion (Music director, UBI Publishing manager, part-time lecturer)

Susan Binion directs the music programme, coordinates a ministry to wives of UBI students, manages UBI Publishing, and lectures on a part-time basis. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas.

Marv Bjorklund (Maintenance manager)

Marv Bjorklund came to UBI in 2017 after many years as a builder and Bible teacher.  He and his wife have also established a children’s ministry, Place of Hope Africa.

Reshma Dhanorjeeth (Bookkeeper)

Reshma Dhanorjeeth is a graduate of Varsity College with a Diploma in Management and Finance. She joined UBI in 2012.  She is currently working on a Bachelor of Theology through SATS.

Jeff Khumalo (Maintenance assistant)

Jeffrey Khumalo came to UBI in 2003 and has been assisting with maintenance faithfully since that time.

Emmanuel Mwanza (Maintenance assistant)

Emmanuel Mwanza trained at KZN Missionary and Bible College, Pietermaritzburg. In addition to assisting with maintenance, he is an assistant pastor at Oasis of Worship. He came to UBI in 2015.

Sindile Moyo (Librarian)

Sindile Moyo joined the UBI staff in 2020. She graduated with a diploma in Theology from Union Bible Institute in 2014.

Zandisile Ndlovu (Office administrator)

Zandisele Ndlovu graduated with a Diploma in Theology from UBI in 2012 and joined the UBI staff in January 2013. She was in the administration field for more than 10 years before joining UBI. She completed her Bachelor of Theology (Honours equivalent) degree through Baptist Theological College in 2019.